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Discover the smart solution that will help you feel good and stay good.

What we do.

What we do

Helping you create a healthier environment indoors

The comfort level indoors has a great impact on your well-being, whether it is the temperature, the humidity level or the air quality. To help you maintain the healthiest environment indoors, Janasense tracks the comfort level, spots the situations that need your attention and helps you fix it.

Helping you keep healthy habits

The air and the information it holds can also help understand habits and daily routines. The temperature, the humidity level, the sound level... they are markers of all the things that make our everyday life : sleeping, eating, receiving friends over... Janasense tracks the evolution of these habits to make sure you feel good and stay good.

The things we track for you.




Air quality



How you can use our smart solution.

Home Comfort

Providing families with the healthy environment that insures their well-being.

Home Care

Providing professionals with the right tools to care for vulnerable people at home.

Workplace Wellness

Providing companies with environmental analyses to support their workplace wellness actions.