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A remote monitoring platform.

that helps professional carers offer care tailored to their care recipients' needs.

The remote monitoring platform in 3 words

Helping professional carers assist vulnerable people in preserving the life they want where they want, thanks to a preventive approach and a participatory process.


Get objective information to be able to tackle the present issues.


Follow the evolution of care recipients' well-being to adapt care.


Get alerts if a situation requires your immediate assistance.

Non-intrusive sensors

Discreet sensors measure ambient data that reveal human activity within the home : temperature, air quality…

Set up in a few seconds

No work necessary

No wifi connection necessary

An intuitive web application

An online application allows for an objective and continuous monitoring of care recipients.

An overview of all the care recipients to best organize and prioritize interventions.

An objective and continuous monitoring of different major prevention aspects : sleep, nutrition, hygiene and social ties.

An alert system that allows to act immediately if a situation seems unusual or is deteriorating.

Our prevention approach

The remote monitoring platform helps professional carers implement prevention actions before frailty has a chance to set in and the situation has already deteriorated which often results in a fall.

Identification of weak signals : change in habits, skip in basic daily actions such as eating...

Early detection of shifts and drifts in behaviors to allow the implementation of corrective actions.

Our current pilot projects

Pilot project

Ambroise-Croizat Independent Living Facility

Fleury-les-Aubrais (45)

Pilot project

RIADH Inclusive Housing for people with disabilities

Saran (45)