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Preserving independence
at home.

With Janasense’s remote monitoring platform, Follow, Anticipate & Care for vulnerable people’s independence at home.

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An innovative approach...

that focuses its efforts on helping professional carers set up prevention actions for vulnerable people living at home : elder people, people with disabilities or suffering from a chronic illness.

Discreet sensors

They measure ambient parameters in care recipients' homes.

A full web application

Qualified information available, in real time, to professional carers.

A personalized care

The implementation of prevention actions.

Who are our clients ?

Independent Living facilities

Helping them implement prevention actions to preserve their residents' independence.

Assisted Living facilites

Helping the staff care for residents on a daily basis.

Inclusive housing for people with disabilities

Helping them support their residents' wish for independence.

What our partners say about us...

"Today, I am independent. But we don’t know what the future will bring. I talked to my children about this solution and they agreed to be part of it with me instantly. For many years, I have volunteered in an organization that fights Alzheimer and I have seen first hand that situations can deteriorate very quickly. This solution reassures me."


Resident in an Independent Living Facility

"This solution gives us the ability to anticipate situations. We can take preventive measures before we have to move residents to a more assisted living. Digital solutions make us more reactive and allow us to better monitor the health of our residents."


Director of an Independent Living Facility

"I think that Janasense's project is innovative because it focuses on prevention and allows us to detect anomalies in people's daily routines in order to anticipate potential problems. It also allows us to connect various carers to best care for people. The app can also be an educational tool we can use with residents."


Facility Manager of an Inclusive Housing for people with disabilities

The importance of prevention to preserve people's independence


% of people who want to age in place


% of people who have at least one type of handicap


% of people who are admitted to the hospital for urgent treatment within 30 days of their first hospital discharge


Years. Life expectancy in good health at 65